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Zoom Web media is a premier digital marketing company, committed to bring business owners the best internet marketing services at budget rates. As one of the leading company in the industry we offer comprehensive online marketing solutions to help increase the incoming traffic to client’s websites. We help you gain the optimum success from the marketing campaigns and enhance your conversion rate instantly.

Web design & Development

Zoom , a premier digital marketing company is gaining good acceptance for its wide variety of creations. With a strong footprint in internet marketing domain, we have a rich portfolio of designing assignments. Whether you wish to start a new business, launch an innovative product or market your existing services, this firm will support you with the full gamut of brand and corporate communications required.

In this age of online marketing what matters most is striking proper understanding of psychology of the first time visitors so as to engage them for a few seconds of visiting the home page. Initial 20 seconds of browsing by the new visitor is very important in setting opinion and hence stunning and trendy designs with eye-catching features of the website are integral to internet marketing.

At this organization, we ensure that your website design looks unique and catchy. By creating designs that communicate your message clearly and interestingly, we enable you to capture the attention of your target audience.

Digital Marketing

This organization is a premier digital marketing company, committed to bring business owners the best internet marketing services at budget rates. Be it any enterprises or startups, we help you gain the optimum success from the marketing campaigns and enhance your conversion rate instantly. We use the latest SEO techniques to ensure higher page rankings. Our services are geared at providing clients with consistent results that help grow their business rapidly.

Web Applications

The web world is continuously changing with the advent of the latest technology. A lot of innovation has been noticed in the web development field to help business gain prominence in the digital world. Whether it is building an effective Ecommerce site or developing a HTML5 website or Open source CMS, Zoom Web Media offers custom web development services to cater your business needs. However what also needs to be taken into consideration is that with the advent of the Smart phones, most of the clients are inclined towards developingResponsive websites which calls for a mobile application development.
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Digital Marketing(SEO & GPO)

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Web Applications

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How it works ?

technology As a leading web design company in Canada and New Zealand, Zoom Web Media believes in seamless work process, on time work delivery and satisfactory customer service. To ensure this, we have created a strong network and steady bottom-line for offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients and customers. Know more about our services and products in Zoom Web Media's Crunchbase page.

As soon as you approach us with your quarries and custom requirements, our customer support team attends you and tries their level best to understand your needs. After that they forward your needs to the concerned department.

Our expert technical persons suggest you the best possible ways to make your web presence most significant with a guarantee of maximum visibility and high conversion rate optimization.

They guide you with the best web design strategies to create a significant brand identity for your business. You are able to sell and market your products over the internet.

Why choose us?

world tech As a premier web design and development company in Canada, New Zealand, we have been providing with our customers wide array of web solutions in the areas like website design, website development, mobile website, mobile application development, graphic design, logo design and digital marketing.
We ensure the followings:

  • On time work delivery
  • Leading-edge solution and customization
  • Dedicated contact points
  • State of the art solution at the most competitive prices
  • High conversion rate optimization
  • Defined turnaround time
  • Continuous client interaction
  • Round the clock services
  • Highly responsive website
  • World class pool of dedicated professionals
  • Better position on major search engines

We can ensure highly responsive website to ensure maximum visibility. Our custom Web Pages significantly highlight your products, services, nature of business, and USP (unique selling proposition in the most significant way.

Perfect results

best tech Blending state-of-the-art technologies with cutting-edge solutions, we offer target oriented web solution at the most reasonable rates. We take absolute care at every step starting from domain name registration to webpage development till optimizing it on major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. We work closely with our clients until their websites come up on the top of major SEPRs.

To reap a rich harvest of digital marketing, we make your website active, interactive and visually appealing with use of various developing and coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, php, etc. Get more information about our quality of service or product from clients in Zoom Web Media's Yellowpages.ca reviews.

Latest News

Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious heads to the dead pool

Google has stated recently that they geotarget search rankings in different locations around the globe. Google Webmaster Trend Analyst Jhon Muller told that the search giant is using mostly ccTLD or search console setting when geotargeting search result. They don’t use the server location data any more for geotargeting. So he suggested to place the server where it works best.

Google Makes it Easier to Find Wheelchair Accessible Locations

Google has roll out the ability for user to add accessibility information to Google business listing. This feature will help individual to find location in search and Maps where wheelchair facility is available. People can add the information about wheel chair accessibility in Google Maps for Android.

Google is Testing a New Design for Mobile Search Results

Google has tested a new design for paid and organic result for mobile search. In that new design few new things were spotted like putting the url at the top of each paid and organic search result, fewer ads and more color for organic search card.

Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious heads to the dead pool

Delicious, having acquired by Pinboards is said to lose it's bookmarking with effect from June 15 and is in for a shut down. Ceglowski, owner and creator of Pinboard has revealed that Delicious will go into read-only mode and stop accepting new bookmarks on June 15. However he intends to keep the site live for a while thereafter. This is going to be sad day for all SEO marketers who depended on the popularity of Delicious for their and their client's assignments.

Google’s Chrome ad blocker coming to both PC and mobile ‘within 6 months’

The news that Google would be introducing an ad blocker in chrome was first reported by The Wall Street Journal In April, and was then confirmed on Thursday. Rumors have it that the ad blocker would be set to default and turn on immediately both on desktop and on mobile. This appears to be a smart move in order to improve the quality of ads across the web. Assuming it comes to pass, the move will undoubtedly upset some publishers and could even trigger litigation.

AOL launches SDK-based header bidding for mobile apps

AOL is all set to announce the beta launch offering users a simple header bidding solution for all native apps. This is certainly going to be the first one of it's kind to employ SKDs (Software Development Kits), contradicting the age old practice of having customized coding built in apps. The company claims that this is the first such offering that lets apps readily jump on the header bidding bandwagon.

Google Black Design Tests Now With Blue Bars

Earlier this month we noticed that Google has been stepping up their black search results design test and which they also done a year ago. This time Google is experimenting black user interface but with a blue lines across left side of each individual results.

Google To Add JavaScript Rendered Code In Fetch & Render Tool

John Muller (Google Representative) said in web master hangout video that their Search Console Team is working to enrich the Fetch and Render tool. They want to add a way that rendered JavaScript code will be seen in the tool.

Google Tests Removing Pricing From Hotel Listing Results

Typically Google hotel listing shows us the price of the stay based on where we like to go and stay. But is has been noticed that Google is testing the result by removing the price form this listing. A person named Sergey Alakov spotted this fact and shared in Twitter. He told google is testing by dropping the hotel price which made him surprised.

Google Analytics Improves AMP Tracking Support

Google Analytics has made an announced on AMP Tracking support. They like to roll out an enhancement which will give you better understanding how visitors are engaging with your brand across AMP and non-AMP pages of your website. This roll out will be happened in next few weeks and you have to do nothing to see the result.

Google Can Now Remove AdSense Ads From Single Pages

Google has roll out two changes in their Adsence policy. This change ensured a transparency for site owners. Previously violation of Adsence policy caused the ban on showing the ad site wide. But now if any violation is observed in a particular page, the Ad is pulled from only that particular page.

Google AdWords Historical Quality Score In Reports Now

Google said that they are providing ways to make a historical report of Quality Score. Not only Quality score, people can also get data for historical landing page experience, expected CTR and Ad relevance. Google said they are continuing their work to increase more visibility on Quality Score reporting.

Bing to Kill Support for Standard Text Ads on July 31, 2017

Bing is going to transform its standard text format to expanded text ads. Creation of STAs after 31st July will not be supported or displayed by Bing. They released some tools to convert STAs to new for expanded text ads for advertisers. But standard text ads created before 31st July will be displayed along with the expanded text ads.

Google Search for Events Gets Overhauled

Google has rebuilt its search results for events on app and mobile result. Now it has become easier to learn about events and explore interesting events which you did not hear about. Google will use popular event sites like Eventbrite and Meet-up to provide information as snippets in search result.

A New Site Search Solution from Bing: Bing Custom Search

A new site search tool has been introduced by Bing called Bing Custom Search. This announced has been made up on Wednesday during Microsoft’s Build conference. This search feature will allow you to make your own search engine around your topic of interest. After your selection of topic the search engine will identify on-topic sites to crawl, and apply the Bing’s ranking algorithm and you will be served by a relevant set of search result.

Google Image Search: New Filters Added

Google has introduced a new filter in its image search for mobile. This feature will help you to narrow down your search result in a few different ways. The new feature will let you narrow down by clip art, GIFs, recently uploaded and image color.

45% of marketers have difficulty showing the value of Schema markup

A recent survey done the Schema App, the provider of tools to guide marketers who use Schema markup, revealed some facts about the difficulties they face when implementing Schema markup. 45% of markers still have problems in showing schema markup in Search Result.

Google Adjusts Ranking Signals to Demote Fake News

Google is working seriously to filter fake news. The company said that at present this is the “most high profile�?issue because some people trying to manipulate search ranking system. More or less 0.25% of daily query returns content that is misleading, offensive or irrelevant with respect to persons query. Company admits that the problem is not fixed fully but lot of progress is done into the matter.

More Related Articles Shown in Facebook News Feed

Facebook is doing a text on their related article feature to help readers to find more storied about the trending topics. Facebook’s aim is to show readers related stories before you open an article.

Now Search Term Reports at Product Level in Bing Shopping Campaigns

Bing Shopping Campaigns will be incorporated with number of new features soon. These features will enhance the feed management and optimization. Not only product level search term report will be released but also inventory update feeds and scheduled feed downloads is coming soon.

Google’s Reviews in your native language

Google has done a small change in their review policy. Now you can find Google reviews in your native language which you have set in your machine. So if you are travelling in a foreign and looking for a restaurant or shop to eat or shopping Google will translate the reviews in to the language you have set in your device.

Matched Audiences�?Linkedin’s New Feature in Advertising

Linkedin has made itself equal to Facebook and Twitter in targeting a specific set of audience in advertising. The company has introduced a new feature name “Matched Audiences�?in advertising. This feature is offering three tools to advertiser: website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting. This feature is available in all linkedin’s ad format.

“Your Timeline�?will be available in IOS device

Google has implemented “You Timeline�?feature on Google Maps in IOS device for the first time. It was previously implemented in Android device. This feature will give users a searchable history of things which was done before and places they already visited.

YouTube Allows Live Streaming for Channels with 1,000 Subscribers

You Tube has changed in the subscriber number for live streams from YouTube channel. It has reduced the channel subscribed number from 10,000 to 1,000. Now a channel having at least 1000 subscriber can initiate a live streaming. You tube confirmed that anybody using Android, iPhone, or iPad app and having at least 1000 can live stream from their mobile device.  Read the full story ..

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These guys introduced me to the unique process of search media optimization. I was really not at all aware of SMO service. Their professionals make me understand the significance of this advanced process of improving the ranking of a website by enhancing its visibility. I am more than happy with their SMO service. Very good job guys, keep it up!

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