Optimize Your Online Product Catalog for Easy Search

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Ecommerce Catalog Optimize

People, these days, are relying on shopping from online stores as they find it easy to shop and get their ordered products delivered at their respective addresses. Hence, every ecommerce business owner must ensure that their product catalogs should be designed perfectly so that people don’t face any problem in searching products.

If you also run an online store, you must think about optimizing your online product catalogue to make it search engine friendly and get more visibility to achieve success.

Catalog Optimization – The Strategies

Use online and printed product catalogs together

If you are planning to operate your exclusive collection online then you must first think about online product catalog design and get it optimized. At the same time, you can also get a printed copy of your product catalog which can be distributed as pamphlets to promote in various events. This is really helpful for branding.

Use precise product names and description in your page titles

Your product page titles and descriptions will be the main sources of information that search crawlers use to evaluate the relevance of that page. Including the specific name of your product will guarantee that your page is measured when consumers search for that name; for example, you will want to embrace the brand, the model, the model number, and the variant. You will also want to briefly explain the product in the Meta description.

Include at least two paragraphs of description text for each item

You will also have to include a lot of informative text for each of your product pages. This way, you will be able to describe the products with relevant content so that search crawlers find it easy to get as much information as they could gather from your page.

Optimize your videos and images

It is really important that all the images and videos that you put in your eCommerce website are duly optimized so that your eCommerce site doesn’t get penalized at any point of time by Google. You can optimize images and video by giving them a vivid name, including alt text and including a Meta description that describes what is happening. You may also think about hosting your videos on YouTube and embed them on your pages, giving you an additional opening of optimization.

Open space for reviews and testimonials

You must kept space for reviews and testimonials where visitors or your customers share their thoughts, suggestions and reviews, uncompromisingly. Genuine and positive reviews are always added bonus to any online website.

Q&A options must be added

You must incorporate space for questions and answers on every product page to ensure your customer or prospect gets full information about your business, products and services.

Investing on search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a complex procedure and if you want to go with it seriously, invests smartly to get positive results. The good thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to start with it. Just learn some basic things and start to apply to make your eCommerce website SEO friendly.

Stick with your strategies and you will surely see a sharp rise in traffic.

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