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Zoom Web Media Reviews Rating: 9 out of 10 from 64 client reviews

Zoom Web Media Clients review from Australia, New Zealand, Canada

Zoom Web Media, one of the fast growing web design companies in New Zealand, is providing the clients with a wide array of common and custom web design and web development solutions at the most competitive prices. We ensure supreme quality solutions and satisfactory services to our esteemed clients spearing across the globe. This has helped us gain a significant number of satisfied clientele around the globe. Our on time services, cost effective Solutions, wide range of spectacular services and dedicated point of contact have helped us receive many positive feedbacks. A loin share part of revives (given) stands as the mark of our excellence with 5 star rating. Zoom Web Media is a brand of SZI Technologies. So you could read more reviews about this barnd in SZI Technologies Yellowpages listing.

Their reviews and positive feedbacks on our delivered work have inspired us and helped us grow more with an aim of raising the bar of excellence in the industry. World class pool of our expert professionals, highly qualified developers and certified designers work hard round the clock to raise the bar of excellence in the industry with cutting-edge solutions and satisfactory services. Read more reviews about this brand from SZI Technologies Sitejabber page.

Good company as far as i know

Review by jack, 2016-08-23

 I came to know about this company from a conversation I was listening on the bus. After that, I searched for this company and hired them for SEO of my business website. They did a wonderful job and now my website comes in the first position on the search engine results. Thank you guys and I am looking forward to working together on our next project.

My business got a handsome lead

Review by daniel nash, 2016-08-23

 I am associated with this company for a long time and they are one of the main architects in the promotion of my business. It has been 3 years and they have done a wonderful job in the promotion of my business. Now almost every person of the city is aware of my taxi services and my business is now in great position. I would recommend this online marketing agency to anybody who is interested in the online marketing of businesses.

Talented team

Review by sagar babu, 2016-08-16

 The team is highly talented and provides extensive SEO services and that too within a very affordable budget. I can say this because I have been their client since a long time and they have never disappointed me. Kudos Team, Keep us the good work! Highly recommended to all!

Amazing Company

Review by berindaniel s, 2016-08-16

 I think this is an amazing company to outsource my business marketing over the internet. Their SEO analysts are definitely the most experienced experts who are sure to enhance the rankings of your business website and bring better prospects for your business. I got great advantage by hiring them and surely recommend them to everyone.

I got results in 2 months

Review by Thomas, 2016-07-15

My business was on the verge of getting lost but it was at that moment when I got a call from this company who said that doing online marketing can save my business. I thought to give a last try to save my business so I hired one of their six-month packages. Guess what? After 2 months I am getting numerous clients for my clothing business and the number of customers increased from 20 to 100 in the fourth month. Things have changed a lot and thanks to these beautiful people who helped me to get back my business again.


Review by John, 2016-07-15


Review by Gary Thomas, 2015-09-24

 When I first contacted them and asked for their help, I already had a website representing my business, but it wasn’t yielding as much result as I would have liked. So, I asked the team to do something about that and they simply redesigned my website, made it mobile device friendly and created a couple of applications to support my business. Since then, I am enjoying better times and am thinking about expansion. It would not have been possible if I didn’t choose Zoom Web Media.

Good company

Review by Derek Smith, 2015-09-24

 It was always my desire to own one of the best, most convenient and user friendly websites ever and my business brought me that chance. When I chose to go virtual with my products and services, I decided to ask for help from the best. After searching high and low, for that one option which will appeal to me the most, I came across the name ZoomWebMedia and chose them. I was indeed a little apprehensive, but they delivered such quality and commitment that floored me. I continue to opt for their services and love my decisions.

Good Digital Marketing Company

Review by Kim Hall, 2015-05-14

 I have used the services of this brand and can definitely assure you that they are the best in this genre. They have developed my website in such a manner that, I’m highly satisfied. Thank you for such great service!!

Good Web Design Company REVIEW:

Review by Robin Jackman, 2015-05-14

 The best method of developing your site can be done with the help of this organization. They have well organized plan for your website and also they have highly satisfying professionals, who will be able to make your web site look good.

Long live zoom web media

Review by Robin Jackman, 2015-04-23

 I had an e-commerce website that required a little more online exposure to increase profit of the business. The profit amount got increased after Zoom Web Media did the internet marketing for it.

Good Web Design Company

Review by David Hall, 2015-04-23

 The website created and developed for my photography business was instrumental in increasing its business in last few years. I would like to thank the Web team.

the company you can trust on

Review by Nora Jones, 2015-04-23

 We required a company that would help us in manpower outsourcing. Jim and I were strategizing about how to outsource manpower as we did not have the appropriate office for local hires. This company helped us with manpower outsourcing, thus offering me relief from a major responsibility. The service they offered is wonderful and I still have my business running because of them.

My business getting visitors

Review by Philip, 2015-02-17

The tourism company of mine failed to do good business over a certain period of time. Peter, a friend of mine suggested me not to trust the internet marketing services offered by this firm as his business of the same nature has apparently got a bad SEO service from them. I still went ahead with the same kind of service from that company only and emerged a happy client. By Philip Franklin, USA

Impressive Work

Review by Jesica, 2015-02-17

 Hi, I am Jesica from Aukland, Newzealand. I was initially quite skeptical about availing the service for making my website complacent to be used on mobiles. Sarah, a friend of mine, into restaurant business told me that whosoever it is, but I should never trust the organization for the service. Refuting him, I went ahead with the service and proud to say that I am quite happy with the kind of service they have offered me.

This firm can be trusted completely

Review by Jayden Williams, 2015-02-17

 My name is Jayden Williams and I would like to post my opinion with the hope that, it will be enough for countering the baseless negativities spread by the competitors against this firm. My business relation with them is about two years old and it started when someone called me from this company. Initially I was a bit apprehensive to let them design the website for my flower business and do the SEO for the same. So, I called a friend and he assured me that they can be trusted completely. I put my trust on them and they have never let me down.

Quality work within budget

Review by Runny Colman, 2015-02-17

 When I first received the call from a sales executive from this institution regarding the SEO for my business which is of renting cars to people, I was not very keen to grab their offer. Then my wife Grace asked me to try their service, as she was all set to try the yellow pages. I decided to respect her wish and chose a pack from Zoom. The quality they offered within our budget was really impressive and they further provided extremely effective SEO. It boosted my business further and I am really grateful to both Grace and Zoom for my achievements today.

zoom the idea builder

Review by James Anderson, 2015-02-16

 I have recently started working with this brand. They have helped me get an awesome website and along with this they have also offered me some of the marketing services. I was really very confused with this idea of hiring them; however it was only with them that I had received finest service and understood everything with clearance. Highly recommended!!

I trust them

Review by Jack Robinson, 2015-02-16

I’m the owner of Mahek beauty Salon, and I think that the best service have been provided to me by them. They have helped me with the service of designing. Truly I do not have much idea about all these things, but with their assistance I was not at all worried. I would like to recommend them at every instance!!

Helped in Establishing my Business

Review by Oliver Thomas, 2015-02-16

The services of this company have finally helped me get established in all the social media platforms. They have helped me open all the avenues for my website. I have primarily been offered only a website, but your SEO tactics have actually helped me make a mark on all Search Engines.

Zoom helped me to stay ahead

Review by William Harris, 2015-02-11

I have always wanted to stay ahead of my competitors, so I had finally decided to go mobile!! This idea was however put into reality by this firm. They have designed a mobile website for me. I would like to recommend them to everyone. If you still want some confirmation, just have a look at my website design; RS Fashion. 

Forward thinking technique!!

Review by Julia Gillarde, 2014-10-08

 Efficient, Creative, Forward Thinking!! These are the few words that I can say about this company. They seriously have the best approach to develop and create your website.

Great deign and professional approach!!

Review by Kelly Smith, 2014-10-08

 Very professional and helped me where they could. I would like to recommend this brand to everyone who is looking for the professional approach to their working.

Finally I have found someone to help me!!

Review by Ema Watson, 2014-10-08

This organization go out of their way to provide answers to all your queries and guide you through things that need to be done. They are always available and immensely patient!! 

Value for money!!

Review by Joshua Bell, 2014-10-08

 I approached them for an e-commerce website and general items. I have worked with many design teams over the years and I found it refreshing to get a first proof that was spot on each time.

Awesome creativity!!

Review by Maddison Jonson, 2014-10-08

 They also created my logo which was exactly the way I wanted it to be. I would like to recommend them to everyone. The finest development company ever!!

Perfect Results!!

Review by Mark White, 2014-10-08

 The guys have been wonderful from the start. Being on a very tight budget and not really knowing anything about website they listened, understood and came up with solutions. The best design company.

Like to recommend them every time!!

Review by Maria Hanks, 2014-09-15

 The firm is always available to help with any queries, and are especially helpful when explaining technical issues to the uninitiated. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

Awesome Service!!

Review by Lynx Primi, 2014-09-15

 I have recently used the service of this firm and am highly satisfied. They have developed my website and believe me it looks really nice.

Best service I have received

Review by Lyn Napier, 2014-09-15

 Professionalism and the ability to respond have made it so easy to decide that I want to continue my project with this team. They are the best development company I have acquainted.

Excellent customer support!!

Review by Michael Schultz, 2014-09-15

 I am glad enough that I have someone like them managing my website. It makes it so easy to coordinate everything and I have one point of contact for my needs. Thank you so much!!

Good Quality work

Review by Sam Stockdale, 2014-08-28

Great work on the optimization process!! You really have come through with your commitment, Thank you for such great service. The best SEO Company!!

I have a professional partner

Review by Gerg J, 2014-08-28

 My entire website did not have anything at the back end page. However I was assisted by the firm and they had improved it accordingly. However this was all done in a polite and timely manner.

The Professional Approach

Review by P. Antonia, 2014-08-28

I had to recommend some changes in my website, as it did not look good at the first juncture. The firm discussed matters with me and then implemented the changes. A professional design company!!

Effective tools and suggestions!!

Review by Zara Andrew, 2014-08-28

 My website had some problems in the development matters. The web design firm have helped to modernize my website and offered some welcome advice about the functionality of it.

Excellent Service!!

Review by J. Russel, 2014-08-28

This is to confirm that this organization has helped me in setting up a Website. I am not well versed in the matters, and the procedures of this system. They have helped me understand the same.

Review by Bryant, 2014-08-19

 Thank you for your great customer care, I would like to recommend you to everyone!! The best development company ever!!

Review by Corwin, 2014-08-19

 I want to send this commendation to thank this brand for the wonderful way you attended to our new web site. Thank you very much. I can call on you again in the very near future.

Review by Casper, 2014-08-19

 Zoom Web Media, as a SEO company displayed the integrity and got all aspects of the job done. I do appreciate your continuous contact and communication to affect for the best outcome.

Review by J. Baird, 2014-08-19

 We recently hired this brand to re-design out website. They did a really good job by guiding us through the process of re-conceptualization of the site. Highly recommended by us!! The best web design in Sydney.

Review by Aaron Pit, 2014-08-19

When looking for the best web design company in Sydney, I would like to recommend these guys, in this genre. They are the best and will definitely endow you with the best of service.

Review by Neil Rozario, 2014-08-04

It will be my pleasure to recommend THIS firm to anyone who is looking for reliable and competent web development services. This company has been offering me such services since a long time and they excel in that purpose. Needless to mention, that, they are also well within budget which is a nice thing indeed.

Review by Farah Jones, 2014-08-04

I have been opting for the various services provided by them for quite a long time now and have gone through most of the things they have to offer to find each of them of premium quality. If you are interested in getting proper SEO and web development service, then this is just the perfect option.

Review by Ketan Bava, 2014-07-30

I would like to suggest a name to all the business owners who are looking for premium quality SEO and web development services. This name is ZoomWebMedia. It is a company which has been delivering such service to their clients at a reasonable price for a long time and can be trusted completely.

Review by Sally Wong, 2014-07-30

This is the company which showed me the most dedicated and professional way in which web development can be handled and turns into success. The bonus is that, their most effective services also do not cost too much unlike other companies and that helps both my business and my budget.

Review by Anthony Le, 2014-07-30

If, like me, you are also looking for a company to provide with web designing, SEO and such service for a better website and better business, then it is time to search such an option. I came across this brand which helped me in this course completely and would like to suggest their names to others.

Review by Frank Waker, 2014-07-30

When I first chose to do something about the website presence I already had, all I was looking for a company which is capable of helping me in this matter. During my search, I came across loads of names, but only this company seemed to be perfect for the job.

I would like to suggest their name to people

Review by Tamara Jones, 2014-07-22

After opting for a complete web development package from them, I am extremely satisfied with their work. I would like to suggest their name to anyone who is looking for competent, dedicated and completely effective services to enhance one’s virtual presence without spending too much money.

This Brand has helped me to gain

Review by Stephen Aires, 2014-07-22

I never knew that, a competent web development company along with SEO services can help my business to thrive. If I had the slightest inkling, then I would have loved to opt for them sooner. I am proud of the fact that this brand has helped me to gain the insight.

perfect result in search engine

Review by Jigo Gorge, 2014-07-22

I own a website which is quite old, but I never received enough prominence or visitor from it until this company took it up. Since their assistance, my website gained gain rank in the first page of Google and there is no dearth of visitors or clients anymore.

We development --too good

Review by Ross Edward, 2014-07-22

When I first came to this firm for a few of my web development needs, I was not very sure what to expect, but once they completed the project, I found out that, you can expect premium quality services at a reasonable price from them. As a result, I opted for their SEO services as well.

Power of Social Media was Unknown to Me

Review by Luc Cote, 2014-07-17

 Like many other small business owners, I was not quite well-informed about the power of social media. The moment I got a call from an online optimization specialist in zoomwebmedia, I wanted to know about social media optimization. The expert was patient enough to explain the whole thing to me. I planned to avail the process for my own business as the procedure and effects of social media optimization sounded quite interesting to me. I could feel the difference in almost a week of subscribing to the service. The turnover of my business got increased and right now I am quite happy with the amazing business my small salon is doing. I also have plans to open a few branches of it in different cities.

Website Earned my business considerable amount of success

Review by Mari Primi, 2014-07-17

 When I started my restaurant business three years back, there was little hope for a huge footfall or great success of the business. Honestly speaking, little amount of success coupled with some profit would have made me happy. One of my friends suggested me to go online with the marketing efforts for the business. I got my website created by them. After that, my business got online exposure to a larger client base and the business only achieved greater success.

SEO Service Worked for My Shipping Company

Review by Steve Jiang, 2014-07-07

 My business has seen formidable amount of success in last two years. Still, I was hungry for more. Google analytics allowed me to understand that the website of my business was not getting enough visitors. Then I subscribed to the search engine optimization process done by Zoom Web Media. The expert SEO’s of the company were efficient enough to push my website to the higher positions on the different search engines. As a result, the number of visitors to the website also increased.

Mobile App Development Has Made My Business Bigger

Review by Peter Ward, 2014-07-07

 My company takes care of an alcohol supply business that supplies all types of alcoholic beverages to different parties and other occasions. This is the age of smart phones and mobile apps. I got the mobile apps developed by the organization that made my website and the company’s service more accessible to my clients. The service of alcohol supply done by my company is now available at the tap of a fingertip.

I Love The New Look of My Website

Review by Richard Trolove, 2014-07-03

 My salon’s existing website started looking comparatively stale to me. I did not like its look myself. Then how could the visitors like it? So, I assigned the c ompany with the job of creating a new website for me. Now, I absolutely love the look and feel of my website. The written content of the website pages are well written and informative.

Awesome Service!!

Review by Lyric, 2014-06-17

 I'm highly satisfied with the service of this web design firm!! They have helped me Design my website very well. Though I'm not well versed with such things, it was with their assistance that i have received the best service. Thank You!!

Web Design Boost To The Business Profile

Review by Sandy Rogers, 2014-06-09

 I like this company. As I do not have much knowledge in making websites, I decided to take the help of web development companies as an easy solution. I went with this firm as they are well-known Web Development Company with a good reputation around. I liked the templates that they gave with ideas for my kind of business. I strongly recommend this web development company for anyone who what it easy and cost-effective.

It was a REAL JOY working with this company

Review by Simon Jones, 2014-06-02

 It was a REAL JOY working with this company. They are incredibly responsive and operate at the highest level of professionalism.

SEO Service Brought More Visitors Who Turned to Leads

Review by A. Smith, 2014-06-02

 My salon business was going through a rough patch for last few years. I found the suggestion from my friend of doing online marketing for it quite logical. The service from them eventually paid off. I'm glad to see so many satisfied customers in my salon who left my salon and vowed to visit the place again.

Reaping a Rich Harvest of Responsive Web Design

Review by Michael, 2014-06-02

 I got a responsive website designed by these professionals. The website is really amazing, appealing and interactive. I have got maximum return on investment. I must admit that I have been reaping the rich harvest of this website. I received huge visibility.

Take Outstanding SEO Service to Reap a Rich Harvest from It

Review by Jonna Hall, 2014-06-02

 I got my SEO services from this firm. I chose the platinum package. The SEO guys were really professional. They assured me to bring 10 keywords within 8 months. Although all keywords were high competitive keywords, but most surprisingly within 4 four months they brought all the keywords on the first page of Google. Not only did the keywords rank on the first page, but also stayed there for a long. I have a huge business for their extraordinary SEO works.

The Web Development Work Rewarding and Awe-Inspiring

Review by S.Cooper, 2014-06-02

 I am very happy with the development services offered to me by the Zoom guys. They have transformed my ideas into reality with no difference. It was a PHP website that got high acclimation from almost all my familiarities. As I always adhere to my policy that good work is always rewarding and awe-inspiring, I would like to praise your good qualities through my words. As a reward of your good web development service I am very happy to promote your business by sending your contacts to my several friends.

Thank You.

Review by Garry, 2014-05-01

I got my ecommerce website designed from Them. Zoom guys did extremely well. They made my site an ideal online store. It was really professional, smart and cool. They are really outstanding. No further illustration is needed to explain their professional qualities. They entertained me every time, when I approached them. The service was supreme, price was reasonable and customer service was amiable. Thank you guys.