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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an online marketing approach practiced for gaining the website traffic, building customer relationship, making brand awareness, and creating significant brand image with two way communication systems. Zoom Web Media is a full service social media marketing company providing its clients with a wide range of services to put your company in a position so that it enables you to utilize the best of two-way conversation.

Comprehensive range of our services is designed to reach the maximum number of people with the least possible time. Our aim is to showcase what people are talking about you in order to help you take decision on what approach you should take to meet the needs and expectations of your fans and followers. With a firm focus on drawing more attention and making more fans and followers, we crate various corporate and pages to get in touch with our customers, target audience, fans and followers. We inform them about new achievements, product launching and latest changes and ask for their opinions. Based on their opinions, we ensure our marketing strategies. Our utmost endeavor is to reach you to a huge number of people, using various social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, etc.

Through our social media audit, integration of analytics, use of competitive analysis and custom-built interactive strategies, we will let you know how to take advantage of the social Web and how to drive more traffic on your site. We spare no pains to give you a confirmation of high conversion rate optimization.

We keep a world class pool social media marketing experts who are proficient in Social Media Monitoring, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Application Development, Pinterest Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, Google+ Marketing and, and YouTube Marketing.

Have a look the wide array of services provided you by us.
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Implementation guideline
  • Social media audit
  • Software recommendations
  • Competitive analysis¬†
  • Social profile creation
  • Widget strategy development
  • Badge creation and strategy
  • Software recommendations
  • Blog design, setup and/or optimization
  • Blog strategy development
  • Community building strategy development
  • Community monitoring
  • New hire reviews

We help both SMEs and corporate giants build credibility and goodwill. We ensure topnotch quality solutions at the best reasonable rates. We work hard round the clock until you can reach you at your desired position.
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